Choosing a Roofing Contractor

Whether you need your roof repaired, replaced or built from scratch, finding the right person to do the job is vital. A roofing contractor is licensed to work on your roof, and can help you figure out what type of materials will be best and offer suggestions that fit within your budget. They have the skills, experience and equipment to get the job done safely and properly. They also have insurance coverage in case anything goes wrong while they are working on your home.

There is a lot of confusion when it comes to the definition of a roofer, roofing contractor or roofing company. Many people use the term loosely, meaning anyone who works on a roof. Generally speaking, though, a roofing contractor is someone who is licensed to work on your roof and may own or operate their own roofing business or company. A roofing company employs roofers to carry out the actual construction, and may also have a general contractor who specializes in roosters.

Roofing contractors can install both residential and commercial roofs, and can help you figure out what type will be best for your specific situation. They will work with you to determine what materials will be appropriate for your climate, aesthetic preferences and budget, and will take into account any architectural features that are in place, such as skylights or chimneys.

A roofing contractor can also provide you with a written estimate of the cost and schedule of work to be completed. This will include a description of the materials to be used, an expected completion date and the total project cost. The contractor should also be able to supply you with a copy of their workers’ compensation and general liability insurance certificates, as well as proof of a building permit (if required).

One important thing to remember is that your roof protects both the interior of your home and the contents of it. So, if you notice any warning signs that your roof needs attention, it is important to act on them as quickly as possible. A small problem can quickly turn into a major and expensive repair.

Finally, it is always a good idea to obtain multiple bids before selecting a roofing contractor. You can then compare prices, experience and references to find the best choice for your home. Be sure to choose a contractor who is licensed, insured and has positive reviews. Also be sure to check with local governments to see if there are any special requirements to work as a roofer in your area, such as licensing or certification. For example, in Oneida County and the City of Utica, NY, a roofer must be registered as a contractor and have a valid license before working on a residential roof. In addition, a roofer should be trained and have a current certificate from an accredited school on how to work safely at heights. This is especially important in situations where the roof is a steep pitch and requires climbing or scaffolding to access it.